Monthly meeting November 2021.

November 13, 2021

Thanks to Earl Eidem for providing the content and pictures for this month’s meeting.

Hub City Turners Meeting, 9 November 2021

Walter Murray Collegiate

Don Buck called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.

Business Discussion:

We were asked if we would send a member of our club to become a permanent member of the board of SWG.  That way we could truly share information about items of mutual interest.

Insurance under the SWG’s policy

Are all of our members covered even if they are not members of SWG?
Do we have coverage for outside demonstrators who are neither members of HCTs or SWG?
We were informed that SWG has renewed their policy, but were seeking clarification on some matters.  They will report their findings.

Audio Visual

It was suggested that SWG would like one or two of our club members to be appointed to manage and operate the SWG audio visual equipment during our meetings.  The SWG was willing to let our club use their equipment during our meetings, but wanted assurance that it would be ready for their next meeting. 
We also spoke about replacing their projector with a brighter one.  It was suggested that HCTs could purchase that projector and place it with the other audio visual equipment.

Demonstration by Duncan Birch:

Duncan described how he made staves for his urns.  His staves are both tapered lengthwise (top to bottom) and on the edge.  This is the only way to make a round burial urn that is larger at the top than the bottom.  He stressed the importance of setting the saw blade to 11.15 degrees on his sled to cut the perfect bevel.  He also said that he used regular carpenter’s glue and hand held the glue joints until they were firm. 

Once the 16 staves are glued in a circle, he installs a top that was previously turned to fit the circular opening at the top of the urn.

He likewise does the same for the bottom, except the bottom piece has a large diameter hole in it in order to fill the urn.  He then seals the urn with a turned piece of Baltic birch.

Duncan’s urns are made from Maple, Purple Heart, Walnut and Cherry.  With Walnut being the most popular.

Coffee was called at 7:50 pm.

Show and Tell

Edwin Cook described finding some Bird’s Eye Maple on a pallet that he just couldn’t resist saving.  He glued two pieces together for greater thickness and then turned a beautiful salt pot for his daughter.  He made a nice top for the pot with a slip fit for ease of use.

Mark Noete showed us a unique yellow cedar bowl that had many cracks that needed filling so, for the first time he used epoxy for the filler.  He finished it with five layers of shellac.

Bernard Negal brought two items:

The first was a tall vase of Manitoba Maple featuring a bark inclusion.

Bernard’s second piece was an offset turning with a twist. 

Both pieces were finished with polycrylic.

Gordon Munn showed a shallow bowl turned from a piece of wood from Bob Gander.  This is a nice crotch wood piece.

The Lee Valley gift cards were won by Gordon Munn and Vick Schapansky

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.

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