Oliver Gleisberg has opened a store for supplying woodworkers with high grade affordable wood. Check it out here.

Check out this site for a wide range of supplies for turners. Pen blanks, project supplies, tooling to name a few.

Check out this site for project supplies, lathes, tools, sharpening, accessories and a whole lot more.

Located in Chilliwack BC this company offers various local woods ready for turning and turning equipment.

Home of the Original
 Stainless Stopper.
Design by Ruth Niles

Oneway Lathes

A Canadian company with some of the best lathes and tools in the business.

A Canadian company based in Saskatoon suppling Abranet sandpaper, sprayers, dyes and a ton of finishing supplies.

This Calgary based company is the Canadian destributor for Vicmarc lathes and all the accesories. Ken also carries  turning tools and dust collection systems.

A great source for all kinds of woodworking and other products. Also a great community minded company that gives back to woodworkers.

Excellent quality tools with superb steel and well designed shapes. Ready to use.

Doctor’s Woodshop produces specialty wood finishes, primarily for the woodturner.  A few years ago, the owner realized he didn’t like the finishing products that were available commercially so with his bacground in Biochemistry he developed new finishes.

Turning Clubs and Affiliated Organizations

AAW is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the art and craft of woodturning worldwide through education. With more than 16,000 members and over 365 local chapters globally, AAW members include amateurs, hobbyists, professionals, gallery owners, collectors, tool and equipment suppliers, and others.

The Chinook Woodturning Guild is a chapter member of American Association of Woodturners and is a non-profit Society. The Guild’s emphasis is on skill improvement and camaraderie amongst recreational woodturners in southern Alberta.


• We represent almost 400 Saskatchewan Fine Craft artist members
• We operate the SCC Gallery in Saskatoon, the only public gallery dedicated to the celebration of Fine Craft in the province
• We provide the opportunity for our members to sell their work in our Fine Craft Boutique in Saskatoon

A sister turning club located in Regina, Saskatchewan. Hub City Turners alternates with the Regina club to put on an international symposium every two years.


Our main goal has been to secure insurance for the Hobbyist Woodworking guilds and clubs across Canada. This includes woodturning, woodworking, carving, pyrography, marquetry, modeling etc., anything that is working with wood as a hobby.


Oneway Manufacturing

Oneway carries a wide selection of sharpening systems.

Cindy Drozda presents videos with great instructional value. She has many videos available.

Robert Sorby

A UK company that makes a wide array of turning and carving tools. Their sharpening system uses a flat sanding belt with lots of build in jigs.

Projects and ‘How To’ Resources

Turning a Christmas Tree.

This is one of the most intriguing videos I have watched. The skill, competence and precision of the maker is quite captivating.

Note: There will likely be an advertisement to wade through.

Mike Peace talks about Negative Rake Scraping.

Del Stubbs was one of the most influential teachers in my early days of learning wood turning. This video is quite old and still holds great value in understanding the addictive qualities of being behind a lathe. It is not really intended as a ‘how to hold your gouge’ video.

A Woodturner’s Guide to Chucks and Jaws
Acclaimed turner Richard Raffan offers tips on what he looks for in chuck jaws for the lathe
By Richard Raffan Nov 12, 2013