Keeping in Touch October 19, 2020.

October 19, 2020

Mel Genge and Jim Beebe have submissions for today’s post.

Mel found a large chunk of Spalted Birch that is likely the other half of the piece from a couple of days ago. (You might have noticed I incorrectly called it Maple when it was in fact Birch.) This piece had lots of cracks and voids but Mel was able to make a perfect rice bowl even though it is smaller than he originally planned.

Jim Beebe and I finally managed a photo shoot of some of the pieces that he has completed in the last while. The open segmented vase is absolutely stunning and defies the imagination as to how he managed to pull it off. Jim sent in a write up about each piece.

This vase is 8” in diameter x 11 1/2”  tall.  It is made from Cherry, Maple, and Black Walnut and is composed of 650 small pieces.  It was a very difficult and time consuming project that I will unlikely attempt again.

Basket Illusion:  This is a repurposed piece that started out as a 17” diameter platter turned by Mike Hosaluk.  It warped badly, and I won it last Christmas at Mike’s.  It is now 9” in diameter, but stable.  The rays are 3 degrees from the centre and are wood burned.  The edge is also wood burned with an angled design.  Each of the six sectors is coloured with black and red pens.

This bowl is a 2 1/2” high x 7 3/4” in diameter Big Leaf Maple blank obtained from John Vanderveen.  I have been experimenting with aniline dyes mixed in water and this was an attempt to make a deep purple colour, but it didn’t work.  For my next attempt at dyeing, I intend to use an alcohol based dye and hope for better results.

This 1 3/4” x 8 3/4” Big Leaf Maple blank was also obtained from John Vanderveen.  It was an attempt to have a bright yellow colour, but turned out more orange.  Hopefully, my next attempt will have a brighter result.  Sometimes, I think that BL Maple is too dark to get bright colours from dyeing.

This Big Leaf Maple bowl was an experiment with a new product called Milliput.  It is a two part epoxy resin in putty form.  I put a shallow dado in the side of the bowl and hot glued small Birch rounds into the dado.  After it dried, I mixed the turquoise Milliput and filled in the spaces around the Birch pieces and then turned and sanded the outside of the bowl.  The possibilities are endless with this material.  Check out some of the work done by others on you tube.

This is a Manitoba Maple burl, natural edged bowl, with the bark removed.

This  Big Leaf Maple bowl is 4 7/8” x 8 1/2”.  It also includes a featured segmented ring of Maple and Wenge.

This is my best effort to get a bright dye on Big Leaf Maple.  The orange colour stands out vividly.  I went with orange after seeing some of Rick Hounjet’s orange pieces.  It is 2 7/8” x 7 7/8”.

This Big Leaf Maple bowl is 3 7/8” x 12 7/8”.  I again used a cross hatch design burned into the upper edge and a small bead to add some variety to the large expanse of red.

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